Now also available is a RC-Telescope with 22 inch optic

Due to our customers’ frequent request for a telescope between the sizes RC24 and RC20, we have decided to introduce the RC22, a new telescope size at Alluna Optics. Often, while there is a desire for a large RC24, there is either insufficient pivot range in the observatory or the existing mount cannot support the weight of an RC24 and its accessories.

Binary star measurements with the 20-inch Alluna RC

Rainer Anton has already for several years created images of binary stars to measure position angles and distances. A good example of the high optical performance of Alluna telescopes.

Alluna NA20 Astrograph now with rotating top

Until now, only our 16 and 18 inch Newtonian astrographs were equipped with a rotatable upper part. With this function the eyepiece can be rotated to the desired viewing position either for comfortable viewing in visual observation or practically upwards for photographic use.

50 kg load instrument - not a problem for Alluna RC telescopes

The design of our telescopes milled in a complex honeycomb structure from full-aluminium results in very high stiffness and load capacity. In this way we facilitated that at the output already instrument loads of 50 kg can be used without affecting the stability of the OTAs and the mirror collimation. 

Alluna Carbon-Tube Ritchey-Chrétien teleskopes

Certain applications require special telescopes. Our Carbon Tube Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes are suitable for use under extreme conditions when an open truss system is not suitable.

Collimation of an Alluna Ritchey-Chrétien telescope

This guide describes how to use your Alluna Ritchey-Chrétien telescope in a few steps and
adjust perfectly in a matter of minutes. The collimation is best carried out in daylight.
All telescopes are adjusted on the optical bench at the factory as well as possible. 

The University of Birmingham launches its new telescope for the public

A new era of astronomy for the University of Birmingham begins this month, as students and researchers begin observation of the night sky with a new state-of-the-art telescope at the observatory of the University on the outskirts of the city.

Ritchey Chretien or Dall Kirkham ? 

Often you read things about Dall Kirkham telescopes that not always accurate and correct statements. Accordingly, the Dall Kirkham telescope would be the ultimate telescope, the "photo machine" for astrophotography with the best picture quality, the highest available field and the best star images. Unfortunately, the reality is different .....

RC20 telescope for Hiroshima Astrophysical Science Center / Japan 
Location Tibet at 5100 meters.

Alluna Optics delivers a RC20 telescope for the Hiroshima Astrophysical Science Center in Japan. To accommodate a larger instrument load up to 50kg the back of the telescope has been adjusted accordingly. In addition, the telescope was fitted upon the customers request with Zerodur optics with extended back focus.

A 20 inch Alluna Ritchey-Chrétien Alluna becomes operational in Namibia 

"The initial results with the RC20 are excellent. We thus have another tool that is lacking in no way to our other 20 inchers and is even superior in some respects," says Werner Roßnagel (IAS), information and astroimages on the website of the IAS. 

Ursa Astronomical Association - RC16 on Paramount ME / Finland

The goal of Ursa is to provide high-quality and timely information on today’s astronomy, as well as to provide good conditions for amateur astronomy. The new Alluna RC16 was installed in an existing dome on a Paramount mount in April 2013.

New Alluna RC16 telescope for Kinmen Remote Educational Observatory / Taiwan

At the end of 2012 an Alluna RC16 telescope was installed on a Paramount ME in the island of Kinmen belonging to Taiwan in South China Sea.

Alluna NA16 Astrograph for remote detection method / German Aerospace Center DLR

Alluna Optics delivers, in addition to several 16 inch parabolic mirrors, a 16 inch f 3.0 astrograph with some technical and optics changes for laser-based stand-off detection. 

New 500 mm optics for astronomical camera at the IAS observatory on Hakos / Namibia

The association "International Amateur Observatory" (IAS) offers amateur astronomers the opportunity to observe on their own with large telescopes under optimal skies and to photograph and carry out scientific work.

30-inch Dobsonian telescope for the Swiss Alps 
Author: "Bubendorf" Group

For decades, we four or five have been observing on the Basel Jura Alps, where there are really dark places. Naturally, the apertures of our portable telescopes have become increasingly larger in the course of time. 

28" telescope at the Gaisberg observatory / Austria

After a 15-month planning, construction and commissioning phase, it is now finally ready. The new 700 mm Newtonian telescope. After the 600mm telescope met after some observations its technical and optical, about 1 ½ year ago the decision was made to plan and install a new, larger instrument.  

Amateur solar observatory in Langendorf / Germany
Report by H. Paleske

As a long-standing amateur astronomer, active in the field of photography, I know that ultimately the aperture and the quality of the optics and the atmospheric seeing are responsible for the quality of high-resolution images.

Alluna Optics delivers 70cm mirror for IAS observatory 
on the Gamsberg / Namibia 

The Gamsberg (2347m) on the edge of the Namibian plain is in astronomical terms one of the three best locations for telescopes in the southern hemisphere. The observation conditions are comparable to La Silla, the site of the European Southern Observatory in Chile or Paranal, home of the Very Large Telescope.  

Alluna Optics delivers 60 cm optics to Austrian observatory 

Which amateur astronomer does not dream of his own observatory away from the lights of big cities. Richard Gierlinger from Schärding in Upper Austria, has made this dream come true




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