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A perfect combination of our Alluna RC24 together with the AZ5000 DDS mount from 10micron.

The AZ5000 DDS mount is an azimutal robotic fork mount of the latest generation, with optional derotator / eyepiece extension, directly driven motor system with high-resolution absolute encoder and a go-to speed of up to 30 degrees / second.

The RC24AZ5000 is available in two focus versions.

1.) With Cassegrain focus and optional IMP (Instrument Multi Port)
An IMP with three ports is available for the Cassegrain focus. In addition to the main camera, two additional instruments, spectrometers or video cameras, can be connected.

2.) With Nasmyth focus
The Nasmyth focus enables a comfortable side view or the attachment of large and heavy instruments.


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