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Alluna CLOSED Carbon Tube RC-Systems
Special construction Ruggedized telescopes


Our CLOSED Carbon Tube Systems are optimized for daytime Earth observation in a difficult environment.
Applications remote surveillance, rocket launches, defense, video tracking applications,
hi-speed slewing.
Ruggedised and suitable for use in the desert, at the sea or in the tropics. Phantom VEO® High speed camera Picture: CLOSED Carbon Tube Ruggedized telescope with Phantom VEO® high-speed camera

Alluna CLOSED Carbon Tube RC Systems:

- Protected against water spray
- Protected against dust
- Ruggedized systems
- Protection class IP64
- Camera cover IP64 protected / optional
- Nitrogen flooding connection
- Windows AR coating 400-700 nm
- Available 16" (410 mm) and 18" inches (460 mm) systems
- Optics according to customer requirements for example f/8,0, f/6,0 with Reducer, f/16 with Barlow

Prices and delivery times on request, please contact usRuggedized telescopes

Closed Telescopes

Telescope ruggedized-telescopes

Example: Tower from a distance of 3.05 KM / RC18 with f8,0 (3680 mm)

Telescope day observation

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